Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Workshop pictures

Following are some pictures of the 4'th graders planting workshop that Hugh Martin from The Post sent me recently. I've no energy left today to write more... been outside all day building another bed around some beauty berry bushes. I planted some basil, borage and calendula in there, and scattered zinnia seeds. We need to grow more flowers in the garden:)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where to start from...

oh boy. I have so much to do, it is hard to keep it all straight in my head! Yesterday we had a group of fourth graders in the garden planting flowers and herbs and scattering wildflower seed. I was so busy that I completely forgot to take pictures but we had two photographers in the garden, so hopefully they will share some pictures with us to put up here soon! 
Last week I Finally finished working on the rosemary bed. one of the rosemary plants died with the last frost we had, and few others were damaged, so I pulled out the dead one, replaced it with a lavender pant, pruned all the others and planted a Lantana at the end of the row. Then I used layers of cardboard that have been on the greenhouse floor to help soak up some of the water that collects there, to smother the weeds. 
Then I added a good amount of composted cow manure that we had delivered here recently by Barry Brown, and edged the bed with rocks. The rock part of it is still not finished...
I also cut the grass with a weed eater last week and planted the last of the lettuce plants. They really should have gone in the garden much faster than they did, I'm afraid some of them will bolt. I'll try to keep successive sowings of greens going until the end of may... we'll see how that goes this year. The plan is to build another raised bed in the garden on Sunday... I need more hoops for the row covers - as they REALLY help to control the micro climate under the covers - and keep the bugs out. The difference between the arugula grown out in the open compared to the the ones under row covers is like day and night... Also, the lettuce I planted under the row cover is about twice the size of that grown out in the open... That is one "artificial" application in the garden I recommend using!