Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Midsummer Blues

I find myself longing for cool rainy fall days in mid-summer.
Most of the flowers are done blooming in the garden, except for the sunflowers that the Star Elementary First graders planted this spring. Those are HUGE!!!!

Here's our this years tomato "cage" solution. The teepee system seems to be working great - it's stable and sturdy, and can be installed with minimal effort. Bamboo poles and some twine - and the monsters can grow wild! I've been trying to keep pruning the bottom parts of the plants better this year - cutting off the leaves close to ground and some of the suckers.

Tomatoes look much happier this year, for sure.
Cucumber plants look like their on their last leg, so will be pulled up soon.
I planted some last minute okra at the garden at home and a second batch of zucchini and beans - the bunny that lives in the STARworks garden now has eaten up all the bean plants... and I found a teeny baby snake in the greenhouse the other day - yikes.
Happy summer days ya'll!