Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Popping in...

I need to begin with apology - we had to cancel the Wild Edibles workshop last weekend, due to the lack of people signing up.
I have consulted with Alan Muskat, and our new dates for the 
Wild Edibles and Mushrooms workshop is SEPTEMBER 24. 
More detailed information coming soon!

Otherwise - things are going well in the garden! Lots of blooms.
This is one of my favorite combinations - Russian Sage with day-lilies.
Beets have grown really well this year! I have planted seeds about every 3 weeks this spring, and we have harvested plenty of beets for the CSA! Here is the last planting of Cylindra variety of beet which I am really digging this year! Pun totally intended.
I ran out of space in the veggie beds, so those beets are growing in one of the flower beds instead!
Butterfly weed, started last year from seed - is doing well!
White coneflower, also started from seed last year. It's cousin purple Coneflower is about 3 times as tall, and blooming like crazy this year!

I picked the first potatoes for the CSA and Farmer's Markets last week! They were so tender and fresh!
However, there were still a lot of tiny spuds on the roots, so I decided to give the rest of them a few more weeks.
Below is a picture of how we like to tie up tomatoes. This trellis system goes up fairly easily, and once the plants get heavier, it's also fairly sturdy. The occasional heavy storm winds do blow these tripods down occasionally, but no system is perfect. My Finnish friend Anna helped me with this project. She also took a bunch of suckers to root, and plant in a few weeks - it's a great way to start new tomato plants  in the middle of the growing season.
Eggplants are under the row - cover, hiding from flea beetles.
I now need to plant some okra, winter squash and melons on any land that got freed up from potatoes.

Remember to come to the Farmer's Markets at Troy and Star, and put your money where your mouth is!