Monday, October 20, 2008

Food Initiatives.

People are starting to come around!!! I've watched the American food-ways change little by little over the past 10 years, and FINALLY there are positive VISIBLE changes taking place. If only the information reached more people in the small rural areas... faster... stronger... hit them harder...

Lets spread the word!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Michael Pollan rocks!

Tom Gray brought my attention to this article:
Mr. President

Michael Pollan has been advocating change in American food system for a while now. He doesn't just point the finger but directs you to sources and solutions. I'm a big fan!!!!
"The Botany of Desire" was a great read and opened my eyes to seeing the plant-human connection/interdependency in a different way...
"The Omnivore's Dilemma" which I'm still reading, has made me ever more careful and mindful about the food choices I make for my family. If you have the guts to find out about what America eats and why, you need to read this book. (If I could I would force you!!!!) I have to warn you that you will never again be able to blindly and mindlessly buy another coke or eat at McDonalds. There is always going to be that choice to make between home packed lunch (hopefully consisting of a sandwich made with home baked whole grain bread and "happy chicken" salad - (chicken from your local farm)) and a quick grab from unknown source... but at least you will be making an informed choice...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

sneak peek into the baby greens nursery

Fall is in the air!

It's here.
The leaves are turning, air is crisp in the mornings and the lettuce is LOVING IT!

To me this summer ended sort of abruptly. One week it was hot, the next you had to drag a sweater out of the closet...
Luckily we've still had some nice warm days to ripen the last tomatoes and even give enough time for the eggplants to form beautiful purple globes... I really did not want to bet on them, but surprise - surprise!
The greens of all sorts (well, some of them are red...) grow so well in this weather. I just wish we had more land... More land! More land!!!!
I tend to go crazy with the seeding thing and pile everything on top of each other. I guess that is called intensive cropping...? That's what I call it. Max the land use!

Here are some recent pix from the garden.
Let me brag also about progress on the greenhouse! Adam and I worked hard yesterday (he did most of the heavy lifting and I think I did most of the unbolting of the frame) getting the greenhouse disassembled. I forgot to take my camera to the site, so you won't get to see the demolition derby. But I'll make sure to document the setting up.
There is still the frame to take apart, the anchor tubing and railroad ties to take apart and bring here. (first we have to figure out how the heck to do that...) we're about 1 third of the way there!