Monday, December 13, 2010

I owe y'all big time

It's been a long time since I last reported on the happenings at the Garden. And it's not because nothing has happened. Quite the opposite.
The last BIG thing that needs to be mentioned was Central Park's Annual Gathering in October. STARworks Ceramics has talked about it on their blog, so I won't repeat everything. I would like to say that it was inspiring to hear Joel Salatin, and many other folks who are LIVING and BREATHING the change in American food ways. Who ARE the change. Those of you who attended the workshop - I know - went away with a positive feeling and the urge to help local food movement along - whether raising/growing local, volunteering with an organization, or buying at least a fraction of your food from local farmers. 

STARworks Garden CSA has wrapped up it's season for now. We stretched our luck until the end of November. And what a year this was! Tomatoes as late as mid November! That of course meant I (and many other growers) had a heck of a hard time getting fall greens going with the incredible late heat and drought we had. I wish I could have included more salad greens for all of you, CSA customers this fall, but I just could not get the greens to germinate! 

This is what we had to offer in the beginning of November, and below is what we had at the end of October:

Roses - just a few weeks ago!
By now, of course, the freezing temperatures have done their job (hopefully have killed some bad bugs as well!)
I have pulled up most of the summer crops, there is still plenty to do to tidy up the garden and make plans for next year.
Merry Christmas Everyone, and a Happy New Growing Year!