Friday, October 16, 2009

Worms and kids go together!

We were so lucky to have a wonderful weather on Tuesday! Perfect day to have 64 Star Elementary School second graders in the garden!
What were they doing here?
They were here to learn all about vermicomposting!
I love to see the bright yellow school bus roll up
and chattering kids pour out of it.

Adam explained the rules, and read the "Diary of a Worm" to the kids. They were great listeners!

Everybody got to look at worms and the bin I've had going since last fall a bit closer, before preparing a bin to take into their classrooms. They shredded a bunch of newspaper for the bedding, we wetted it, and dropped the worms in. The bins will be housed in all the second grade classrooms during the school year, and returned to STARworks Garden in the spring, when we can harvest the castings!

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