Thursday, December 3, 2009

Food Co-op Now Accepting Charter Members
(see press release below)

Stronger, more resilient communities,
farmland preservation,
local dollars staying home to generate local revenues,
new jobs and youth involvement,
the freshest produce from nearby farms,
better diet and health, TASTE and quality.
Eating well.
Connecting with our neighbors.
We all want these, and we all want to see this area prosper, especially during these rougher economic seas.

As a Moore County resident, you're already a piece of what may become a new economy here.
We think the new Sandhills Farm to Table Cooperative will become a vital part of it as well.

With that in mind, we'd like your help in spreading the word. Join us on the new Sandhills Farm to Table Cooperative Facebook page!
Until the website up and running, this is how we will pass along news of the Coop, a new weekly Moore County delivery service of fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers.

Check it out and sign on as a "fan" to get updates. You do not have to be a Facebook member to check the page, only to get updates.

Here's the direct link:
Charter Subscriptions will be accepted for two weeks in December, with many benefits offered to the early supporters. Watch this space for further updates.

Thanks, and pass this along to your friends. Help us reach as many local folk as possible. Let's make it viral throughout the county.
Because, as neighbors, we're all connected.

The Sandhills Farm to Table Cooperative

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