Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring has sprung...

...there is no doubt about it now. Therefore the lack of blogging. This is the time of the year, when weeks fly by, and I'm constantly playing "catch up"!

Well. To update ya'll on what's been happening I'll start with the Oyster mushroom workshop.
Just briefly, since the process of inoculating logs is the same as for Shiitakes. The workshop went great! We had 22 people attending, everyone was excited and happy, and took home about 3 inoculated logs and a bunch of knowledge.
Below are our mushroom heroes and experts Greg Bender on the left and Hugh Martin on the right. Thank you guys for doing such a great job!
Alice Clemens and her husband Jack here busy "plugging away".
In the greenhouse - I'm running out of starter pots!
Lots of greens have been started and lots have been transplanted. Beets, radishes and peas are coming up, a few varieties of lettuces have been transplanted, along with broccoli raab, few different asian greens, etc.
Last year's Kale is looking beautiful now! I'll be ready to sell some soon!
Here's last years Hon Tsai Tai blooming. Hopefully that will become seed for next year:)

Happy spring! Enjoy the sun!


cookingwithgas said...

Yea Spring! I was out and the trees and flowers look so pretty!

Laurie said...

Glad the workshop went well. Yup, busy time here too. The kale is beautiful!