Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Long time no blogging

Isn't this usually like, August weather? Oh boy.
Anyways, all the green springy veggies are gone by now from the garden. But tomatoes are starting to ripen a few fruits, peppers are growing some fruits... basil is doing good... cucumbers are abundant!
I'm happy about all the garlic - it grew so well this year - I wonder if it was the well aged horse manure from Chad Brown that I added to the soil in October, when the garlic got planted. Some heads were big enough to hold in two hands!
The rest are pictures of flowers and color combinations in the garden this year. My main plan was to expand the garden with flower beds, and it's worked out:) I wish the first graders who planted all the sunflower seeds could have come back to see the fruits of their labor! The sunflowers are probably 3 times as tall as the kids by now!

Anyways - I'm hoping for a cooler weather! Don't forget about the mushroom workshop coming up!

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Laurie said...

Everything is looking so gorgeous! Bravo! Mushrooms, yay!