Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Time for fall!

Ahhhh, the mornings are crisp and cool! Fall is definitely in the air, and summer lingers during the days... I think this is my favorite time of the year in this part of the world.
I did find myself, just for a moment today, feeling sad for the summer almost being gone again.
Where did it go?! I guess it evaporated mostly through the airconditioning... the 90 + degrees are just too much to handle for a northerner.

Anyways - look what we picked today:) Tomatoes are on their last leg - we had couple of intense weeks when they were coming in strong, and now they're just splitting and rotting, and getting attacked by caterpillars. There is still enough for a few to be included in the shares.
Peppers however seem to be doing better this year - they were late to get going, but it's steady picking now. And eggplants have finally started putting out lots of fruit.
And basil has just flourished all summer!
Here's my little helper Anna:) She comes about once a week and helps me pick and bag stuff while we discuss life's persistent questions:) I have two other major helpers this year - Tony, our biodiesel boss, who cuts grass and helps with website stuff, and Gloria who also helps with picking and bagging. THANK YOU ALL!

I started some lettuce seed last week, and some of it is coming up. Keep our fingers crossed!
Also started a batch of carrots and more lettuce at home for the CSA. Trying to keep a few irons in fire in case of disasters.
Here's to fall!


Laurie said...

We started lettuce too. And carrots a couple weeks ago, but the cats have trampled most of them!

cookingwithgas said...

that just looks tasty like you should throw it all in the oven and let it slowly roast- yum eggplant!

Nancy G. said...