Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tater time

The snow came and went - like a ghost.
Yesterday was back to beautiful spring weather - and more to come for the rest of the week.

I decided to look at the state of the seed potatoes that I had saved from last summer's crop and kept in paper bags in the bottom drawer of my home fridge, and this is what I saw:
The Red Pontiac's busting out.
And the Irish Cobblers shy, but determined.

Well. about 2/3 of the potatoes got underground yesterday!
This soil was under cardboard and mulch all last year. Most of the organic matter has composted at least half way - and I dig all the smaller bits under and shake the soil loose with the fork. There were very little weeds - the mulching really does wonders for a grower!!! I'll be sure to mulch even better this year.
Anyway. I hope the red potatoes will make it - the sprouts were so long already... I've never planted them in this state. 

I will get some new seed again this year from Weston's Feed and Seed and plant again in a few weeks - that should give us a few crops of potatoes in June or so. 

The seeds from Johnny's Seed and Territorial came in yesterday also:) 
The spring fever is here!


Laurie said...

Love your description of the taters :o) We've got onions in the ground, with plans for peas and taters as soon as we can get the ground worked. That was a ghost snow, wasn't it?

farmhousewife said...

I've been inspired since I saw you last Thursday! I have some seed potatoes that I want to put into the ground and will have to be creative as our garden area has a lot of clay!

Spring Fever, indeed!