Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer in the garden

I have been too busy with real life, to keep up with the blog, but here's an over-due report on what's been going on.

A few weeks ago we held a workshop "Seed to Flower" with Star Elementary first graders. 43 kids total - together in the garden! We managed well, working in two groups - planting seeds and painting garden labels that the kids could take home with a seed packet.

All the seeds have germinated and the sunflowers and zinnias are growing well! Huge thanks goes out to my helpers: Anna, Rhonda and Heidy! Also to the Star Elementary first graders and their teachers!
The garden annex has already given us a crop of beets and potatoes.

Onions and garlic need more time, but we should get another crop of potatoes next week. Deer got in the garden on day and chomped on winter squashes and sweet potatoes, but I have since put more fishing line on the posts - so keep your fingers crossed that they will stay out from now on!

Beautiful moments from the garden:

 Yesterday Anna helped me build a trellis for cucumbers. I decided to try something different this year, instead of the tri-pods we've been using. We used monofilament to tie the bamboo strips that I cut. I then tied up the vines - to keep them off the ground. There are already cukes on the vines! CSA members - you may get your first taste of cukes for the year next week!
 Same goes for squash - it is coming along nicely. This year I am trying a new variety - "flying saucer" - it looks striking already. There are also a few "costata romanesco" plants that have made it.

I'd like to also say THANK YOU to Eddie and Angela, who's garden has supplied the CSA with lettuce for last few weeks!
There is no doubt - summer is here!


farmhousewife said...

Incredible work! Nicely done, as always.

Keep up the pace, summer is indeed here.


Michèle Hastings said...

we are enjoying our veggies! the swiss chard and beet greens were a nice accompaniment to baked mac & cheese. looking forward to some more potatoes

Laurie said...

Isn't Angela & Eddie's garden beautiful?! Cukes and squash already! You've definitely got a green thumb, girl!