Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Greenhouse is UP!

I finally have something to brag about.
Here is a more or less step by step photo account on our greenhouse progress.
Million thanks go out to Wet Dog Glass peeps Eddie, Angela, Phil and Evan for lending a hand and all the others for moral support! I can't thank Adam enough for listening to all my ramblings of how we should do things and occasionally messing up his plans and for being always ready to help with anything to do with this garden project.
Thanks for Lyza and Andreas for being patient and good sports, and for Weezy who helped Lyza and Andreas to be good sports this weekend:)
Thank you Nancy and Beth for writing up a great grant and finding us money for this project!
And great thanks to Nancy's parents who donated a bunch of gardening tools last year - I use them all the time!
This project was made possible with a grant from the Conservation Fund's Resourceful Communities Program!  A HUGE THANKS!

Building the skeleton.
Center post is up.
Helping hands.
Hmm... so how should we do this?
The plastic goes over.
Nice'n tight
This way? What do you think?
I can see it... green!

"evens withs titaniums arms he's liftings heavy things"


cookingwithgas said...

WOOT!!!! I bet you are one happy gardener!

T.Gray said...

Waaaay cool. Can't wait to walk in. You're blessed to be where you are when you are.

bryce brisco said...

the greenhouse looks awesome! i need to come fire a woodkiln with you and get one of your amazing salads...hope you guys are doing great...bryce

kriips said...

I am totally happy! now I really need to crank down on those paper pots, and start some seeds...