Tuesday, February 3, 2009

School lunches and garden update

What a beautiful day it was yesterday! Adam and I spent most of the day in the garden, leveling the greenhouse floor more and moving the soil and compost around. In the future BioFuels space there are some old plastic tanks that will be cut up and we're hoping to use some of the cross sections to build oval and round shaped flower/veggie beds around the garden. We're keeping a close check on the weather and any dry/warmish window will be used to erect the greenhouse. Posts are in the ground and leveled, concrete poured to anchor them... I will post the next steps as they are completed.

As we all know School lunches are in a BAD shape in this country... Adam found this article yesterday and i wanted to share it with ya'll. 


cookingwithgas said...

Boy do I remember those lunches! Once my kids were comparing what they had for lunch one day and I was taken back when one asked the other what color the mystery meat was - what color was yours- he laughed- ouch!

kriips said...

That is so scary! I pack a lunch for my kids every morning: home baked bread, with some ham or turkey ( I think THAT is already mystery meat...) and cheese, some fruit and vegetable, and water or diluted frozen juice (and there are only 2-3 frozen juices without corn syrup added!!!)... it is a struggle I tell you to shop for food that won't kill you... it makes me so sad to think that most kids don't even know what real food tastes like. This has got to change!!!!! And it looks like some change is underway!