Friday, June 5, 2009


Just a quick note for ya'll before I head out to the garden to pick the produce for this Friday's shares. As I was driving to work this morning I listened to the NPR - as I usually do - and they had on another story of their "Farmers Market Finds" series. This time Adam Hochberg was in Ayden NC, talking to the owners of "The Collard Shack".
You can find that story HERE. I suggest to listen to the story, to get the real southern flavor:)
As with many other things - Adam and I were introduced to The Collard Shack a few years ago by our friend, teacher and mentor Seo. That was before I knew anything about BALLE.
Now, talk about Local Living Economies. The Collard Shack is a great example of a smart small local business run by Benny and Vicky Cox. When asked if they have thought about expanding their business the answer was - they have their hands full just tending the roadside stand. I bet ya. That's what sustainability is all about in my opinion. Take a bite that you can chew, and leave the rest of the pie for others, instead of flooding the market and the culture overall with mediocre "good for all" stuff, and making a ----load of money in the process... allright. I won't get started here. I'll just leave you with an "Old Estonian Saying" - "Tee järele, või maksa kinni!" roughly translated as: "Do it by their example, or pay for it!"


Anonymous said...

Tere hommikust sõbrale!

kriips said...

Tere tere vana-kere!:)