Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Central Park NC on UNCTV

We're all very busy here, getting geared up for our Annual Meeting. Yes folks, it's almost that time again! Save the date for October 29'th and RSVP about your attendance.

UNCTV has also been busy putting together a story about Central Park NC and STARworks NC,
so check it out!

White House has also put out a video about the kitchen garden of the first family. The video takes a while to upload, so those with better connections are in luck.

French farmers are banking in cows these days! You can find a short article about it HERE.

Something is chomping on my freshly started plants already... there is no relief... gardening / farming is really a man's feeble attempt in submitting chaos to order... I'm tired of bugs. They're everywhere. I want to give up.

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