Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's Mushroom Time.

It wasn't all for nothing!
Aren't they beautiful? I remember thinking, when drilling these 40 logs, that it may all be for nothing since I didn't get to plugging the logs until April and the spore, although stored in the fridge, was sort of old... but I still went for it, and plugged some sweet gum and white oak logs, stacked them in one big pile, and hoped for the best.
Well, last week at some point Maarja and I looked at the logs, and saw 2 small mushrooms poking out. I took that as a sign, that it was time to reconfigure the pile, so I stacked the logs like that:
The three piles in the back are in the most shade, and the very last ones (being the smaller sweet gum logs) are producing some Shiitakes. There are a few small mushrooms on oak and thicker sweet gum logs. We've been watering them twice a day now for the past 3 days or so, and their growth is amazingly fast. The first dibs on mushrooms will go to Eddie and Angela, as Eddie came out with his chainsaw in the spring and helped Adam and I cut the sweet gums off our wooded part of the property here at STARworks. From then on I'll be adding shrooms to our CSA shares for those who will eat them:)


PS! I'd love to hear from the workshop participants how their logs are doing!


Landman said...

mmmmmmm I cant wait for fried rice and shiitakes!!

facteneleven said...

or shiitakes in fried rice?

kriips said...

it was fried shiitakes in fried rice indeed. also some fried onions in there and semi fried bell beppers and barely fried eggs and soy sauce.
frying rules.

facteneleven said...

yum indeed!