Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a great turn of the years a few days ago! I had a good break, and feel refreshed and ready to tackle the new year head first:)

I'm finding myself plowing through the seed catalogues and organic growing magazines again. That's a good thing. At the end of the growing season I usually feel fed up with it all - the battling of bugs and diseases, the planting and the picking... but a few weeks of "no-thinking-about-gardening" usually cures that. Today, to curb the itch to order every single variety of vegetable -herb - and flower seed available I inventoried my seed "collection". Let me tell you. I have about half of one of those reusable Mother Earth grocery bags (a gift from Adam:) full of seeds. Plus some that I forgot at home today.
That's about 160 varieties of veggies, mostly annual flowers and some herbs. I think I'm pretty set for a year. Or two... However, for those of you who partake in our CSA endeavor - I may get some fancy carrots and onion seed (which is viable only for about a year) to add to the collection. This is the first year that I really tried to save a bunch of seed myself. Mostly for the fun of it, and to try and keep some varieties that performed particularly well, or were just darn pretty...

Tomorrow I'm going there: (they may still have space if you wanna join me!)

Moore County Cooperative Extension presents a CSA workshop for Growers

Featuring results from the Sustainable Sandhills Local Food Consumer Survey.

CSA's: Community Supported Agriculture

Where: Moore County Agriculture Center, PO Box 1149 707 Pinehurst Avenue, Carthage, NC 28327

When: Tuesday, January 5, 12 Noon-3 p.m.

What: Market your fruits and vegetables by pre-sold subscription. Learn from growers who have done it. Schedule planting for continuous harvest, and receive software to help you plan. Hear from a cooperative of growers selling shares for the coming season. Sustainable Sandhills has conducted a consumer survey of residents across the region and the results will be presented at the workshop. These results will include valuable information for the grower including buying preferences, what consumers are willing to pay and a contact list of interested buyers.

Cost: $10 (Please make checks payable to Coop. Ext. Advisory Council)

Speakers: John Parsons, Sustainable Sandhills; Judy Lessler, Harland Creek Farm; Paige Burns, Richmond County Extension; Jan Leitschuh, Sandhills Farm to Table; and Taylor Williams, Moore County Extension.

Pre-registration is required by December 31. A light meal, will be served. $10 fee to cover meal and materials (Notebook & CD).

RSVP: Please call the Moore County Cooperative Extension office to register, get directions, or for more information at 910.947-3188

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Laurie said...

I've just begun paging through the seed catalogs myself. This week, I'll go through the seeds on hand. Then comes the tough decision of narrowing down all the possibilities! Made a new recipe of biodiesel glycerine soap yesterday. Better, but I think it still needs some tweaking. Hope you're staying warm!