Friday, January 8, 2010

Paranoia - or are "they" controlling "us"?


I have watched the "Food INC" twice in the past week.
While I've been aware of many things presented to the public in this film, thanks to the hard work of Michael Pollan mostly, but also some others, like Joel Salatin and Barbara Kingsolver, I think what disturbed me the most were - the way meat industry treats it's workers... and how the growers of crops are being controlled by Monsanto, by taking away the right to save seed... Even more disturbing is how the right for freedom of speech has been taken away from many people of this country. (see veggie-libel laws)

I found a few links to articles in my mailbox this morning and wanted to share them with you.

I strongly recommend you watch Food INC - it's available through Netflix. We need to become more aware about not only how to eat better to be healthier but also where our food comes from, how does the system work, and what/who is behind the most basic/important part of our lives...
Everybody eats.
What do you eat?
Do you realize the impact you have with each bite you take?
And if you do - are you making any changes?


Laurie said...

A good post! We've had Food, Inc. on our Netflix waiting list. I remember the Alar & apples story. And then there's the GMO/Canadian farmer (Percy S?) story. I do think about what I eat, try to eat in season & locally, more each year. But I'll admit to the occasional coffee, chocolate, bananas... All organic, & often Fair Trade, but it comes a long way to get here. Lots to think about. By the way, thanks for coming by & commenting on my blog. Happy Friday, friend! Let me know what I can do to help the seed sharing happen.

JLK Jewelry said...

Anne, Glad you liked the links! My computer seemed to become infected shortly after looking at Monsanto stuff-hummm imagine that and I wasn't even feeding it corn. Once I get it fixed more to come. I'm compiling a list of who owns what. Funny how a film and stimulating conversation can send you off in directions! We can make a lot of good stuff happen!!