Monday, February 22, 2010

Pushing for the spring

This weekend was gorgeous, wouldn't you agree?
On Sunday I transplanted some white sweet onion plants that I got from Weston's Feed and Seed in Asheboro.
I know that their seed is not all local and organic, but in our attempts to sustainability there are some heavy decisions to be weighed - do you buy seed from miles away because it's organic? - or do you support your local small business, because you want to see the local small businesses strive? I try to do a little bit of both, as I believe in diversity.

On Friday we had our first spring group of kids from the Family Worship Ministries Christian Academy come, and get a tour of the STARworks building, the Garden and a demonstration in the Glass Lab. Over 40 kids from third graders up through highschool! In the garden we talked about the importance of choosing local food, looked at worms eating our garbage, and learned about mushroom logs.
Here we are talking about worms.

Speaking of Mushrooms though, our Shiitake mushroom cultivation workshop is coming up this Saturday, at 10 am. Our tools and spawn has already arrived from the Field and Forest Products. Field and Forest Products is a family operated company in Wisconsin. This is the second year I have ordered from them, and have been very happy with their service and expertise! Highly recommend them!
Can't wait to plug away this weekend, and enjoy some wonderful mushrooms in the fall or next spring.

Despite feeling icky still (seems like most of us here, at STARworks have been plagued with some sort of cold) I went out to the greenhouse today, and started seeds. I think I'm a bit late this year, but it has been so darn cold...
SO today I started: Senposai, Broccoli Raab, a variety of asian Pac Choi's, swiss chard and beets.
I've never tired to start beets in pots before, so this may not work out... but worth the try.
Later this week I will start carrots, more beets, some chinese celery, spinach etc. in the garden at home. I'm waiting a few more weeks to start herbs and summer veggies.
In previous years I have sometimes started plants too early, only to lose them to frost, or have had to watch them sit in the ground for a loooooong time, before they start really growing.
So - the longer winter this year has pushed me to be more patient. Each year is a new challenge.

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Laurie said...

I've been slow in starting vegi seeds this year too. I got some flowers & shrubs winter sown (1st try at that), but no vegi's yet. Sorry we're missing the mushroom workshop. Will you be having another this year? Good job getting some seeds going!