Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First Annual STARworks Glass Pumpkin Patch - a success!!!

The last Saturday's early morning sunlight really brought the glass pumpkins, that Nick and his helpers had made - to life. I couldn't stop taking pictures! Here are some of my favorites.
As we set everything up, I wondered, how many people would come out to Star, on their Saturday morning, to splurge on Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations... 
...even if they were enticing...
Well. Little did I know, and to all of our surprise - we had people lined up, guarding the treasures they had chosen, before 9 am, the official opening time! It's lucky no fights broke out:)
Before we knew it - meaning - before noon the pumpkins were SOLD OUT!
HUGE thanks to everyone who came out and supported STARworks this weekend - the proceeds from the Glass Pumpkin Patch sales will go to support our Highschool Glass Program! Thanks Nick, Suzie, Tim, Eddie, Steve, Drew and Robbin - who have been sweating and blowing their heads off making the pumpkins! 
The Second Annual STARworks Glass Pumpkin Patch will be even bigger and better - Save the date - October 1 2011!


Marilyn said...

I have my 2011 calendar marked and can hardly wait to add to my new collection.

Laurie said...

Wow, they are gorgeous! Somehow I had in my head that this was like the Easter eggs, in that people made their own. Sorry I missed it!