Tuesday, March 8, 2011

On top of the world:)

This morning, when checking my email I had a nice surprise:) STARworks Garden Blog has been featured in an online article about organic gardening: Growing Green At Home: The Top 35 Organic Gardening Blogs. The blog is listed in top 5  in Farming category.

That's pretty cool! And a bit funny to me... When we first started to bounce around this idea to build a garden in the back of the STARworks building, the former sock mill, I was overall very skeptical about online presence. To tell you the truth, I wanted nothing to do with blogs, or Facebook or whatever else was out there.
 My life was already full, or so I thought, and blogging seemed like utterly too much to do on top of everything else... Plus - you sort of have to be open enough to "journal"... you know - discuss things in writing - but publicly...
I kept pushing back at first, when Nancy suggested I take up blogging about the garden.
But finally, oh so very reluctantly, I signed up for Blogger account, and started feeling my way around that whole new realm.
Little did I know I would enjoy the process so much that I currently keep up with 3 blogs, have become slightly addicted to Facebook, and have even sniffed Twitter a bit.

So - cheers to all the bloggers of this world. This new media has taken "freedom of speech" to a new level.

Now, getting back to more mundane (or muddy?) matters... Here are a few proofs that I have been busy in the garden, getting my fingers dirty, as well as clicking the keyboard keys!
The list of seedlings started in the greenhouse is pretty long. Mostly cool weather crops, as we are not out of the possible freezing time quite yet. Last few nights there has been some frost on my car window.
 A new plant I have started this spring is Sorrel - such a delightful leafy green/herb - it could go either way. In the foreground of this picture are some Chinese cabbages.

This is an Apricot (one of my most favorite fruits) branch on our dwarf "fruit medley tree" in the garden. It was the first to bloom.
Jim Joyce donated 3 fruit trees to STARworks Garden last year. We have a pear and apple tree with 3 different varieties on each, crafted on dwarf rootstock. 
And a tree with apricot, peach, nectarine and plum.
It's pretty crazy that something like this can even be done!
The apricot branch actually bore 2 delicious fruits last summer!

Just a reminder: this year's last Mushroom workshop is on SATURDAY, from 9-12. 


Nancy G. said...

Very cool, Anne.

farmhousewife said...

Well deserved, my friend! Just when we think our cup is full, it sometimes overflows - blessing others!

Laurie said...

Congratulations, Anne! And good job on all those seedlings.

Laurie said...

I just went by there to check out your feature, and found ME there too! Under spiritual blogs. Cool!

kriips said...

Thanks Nancy! I would not be doing any of this without you! :)
Thanks Sheila and Laurie! You're right about that cup overflowing when you least expect it. And don't we always surprise ourselves by somehow keeping up with it:)