Friday, February 25, 2011

Sure signs of spring.

I worry about the possibility of another  freeze, but really - it's been very nice and springy out there for a few weeks now.
Things in the greenhouse are coming along great. I'm transplanting lots of seedlings, and starting new seeds - both for CSA and to sell.
Here are some evidence of spring weather effects on plants at STARworks Garden.
 Pear tree is about to bust!
We got some fresh cow manure compost delivered this week from Mr. Brown, who has supplied us since we started building the first beds. We're trying to expand the growing space this year. Eddie and Angela Bernard, the owners of Wet Dog Glass have offered to use a part of their lawn (less to mow!) to turn it into a garden patch for summer crops! That should make it easier to overcome the small space syndrome. I won't have to rush, to plant summer crops on top of greens, or wait too long to get fall crops in - as I'm always reluctant to pull out tomato plants in September... they always seem to get a second wind by then.

Some interesting reads from this week: 

Farm-raised kids are less prone to asthma. Who gets the credit? Germs, researchers say.

Speaking of oatmeal - my family eats it salty, with a dab of butter. Goes great with some bacon from Whipowill Hill Farm and eggs from Hope Farms
Eat Real, folks!


farmhousewife said...

I'm alternating seed starting between the gorgeous line-drying weather for the laundry and spring cleaning of the house and barn - what to do, what to do - alas, I am enjoying it all nonetheless!

The farmers on this farm love oatmeal - they like it with dab of butter and a spoonful of pure maple syrup - and eggs, of course! Add sausage and it's Sunday breakfast!

Here's to the growing season! Cheers,

Hope Farms

Laurie said...

That's awesome that Angela & Eddie have offered their lawn! Yay for seed planting mixed with some warm days!