Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer heat is here.

Just a quick update on what's up in the garden. As you see the rose bush has been putting out some beautiful blooms!

We had another Star Elementary School first grade class in the garden a few weeks ago.
They had a lot of fun painting pictures of what they saw and experienced in the garden - we tasted strawberries and peas for instance:)
 I put their stories and pictures together into a book and delivered it to their classroom last week. The same kids came to the garden in April and planted sunflower seeds, and this time they got to see how much their plants had grown. Those flowers have again doubled since...
 The "other" STARworks Garden complex is looking pretty good too. Potatoes are in bloom and I expect to start pulling some taters out in mid June, to add to the CSA shares. I have also planted nearly 60 tomato plants there - all of which need pruning and cages by now!!!
 The pear tree by the greenhouse is loaded with fruit and the branches really need support... I hope to get to it this week. There may be enough pears for every CSA share to get one to taste...
 And since I have already mentioned CSA - here's some of what goes out with the shares this week:
I pulled the first red onions and garlic, there are greens (not pictured) and carrots and some beets and beet greens. Quite a variety of herbs also: dill, parsley, sage, oregano, green onion, thyme, cat mint, rosemary.
 And last but not least - the lily bulbs I planted last year came back strong and are in full bloom now! That deep red is gorgeous!


farmhousewife said...

how fun! love the work you're doing!

Pamina said...

Very coo!!!