Monday, March 16, 2009

New additions and more links.

I am so proud of our new additions to the garden, that I wanted to share pictures! Adam is behind both inventions. Here's our new bird feeder!  Nancy donated the bird feeder, and Adam
used some PVC pipes that worked perfectly, to make a post for it. I checked it today, and it has been discovered! - Some of the sunflower seed is gone. My hope is to attract more birds to the garden to deal with bugs, and enliven the ecosystem in general. 
And here is the new 3 compartment compost bin. In the center section is a nice pile that the third graders from Star Elementary started last week. It's so cheery and goes great with our "post industrial garden" - conceptually as well as visually:)
Also, I just updated our links and blogs section on this blog. On Friday I was searching for accessible information about pasture raised meats, to compose some sort of info sheet that I can use for educational purposes for general public, and ran across all these great websites. Samantha from Bulldog Pottery sent me a link to the Slow Food in Piedmont and Triad.
There is a lot of great info on all these sites, so check them out!

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