Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Star Elementary Kids are Composting:)

Star Elementary third graders are learning about composting this week. They are full of energy and eager to get their hands dirty - which is so wonderful for me to see! Kids are learning about all the  things that can go into compost bin instead of becoming stinky garbage, and why compost is better for gardens and our ecosystem than chemical fertilizers. 

We also look at some of the other ways of reusing cardboard and newspaper as seed starter containers in the greenhouse. The kids feel and smell our last years compost, and so far the general consensus has been: "Hei! All that yucky stuff we put in that pile turns into clean, fresh smelling food for plants!"
 Some of these kids are going home, asking their parents to start a compost pile, I  bet.

A week from now we'll have the same kids back in the garden learning about vermicomposting.
Now, THAT'll be fun!

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