Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Organic Growers School

This Sunday, I went to the Organic Growers School.
It is held once a year in Flat Rock NC, at the Blue Ridge Community College. This year they had organized a 2 day event - it's great to know that more and more people are starting to grow organically and sustainably and that means - one day of classes is not enough to accommodate everyone! Classes were spread out all over the campus, after an hour and half class it was nice to step outside and walk to your next class, stopping by to see the vendors. I bought a wild mushroom field guide, some homemade soap, and seeds... yes. more seeds. I usually can't stop myself from buying more seeds. This time I got some hot thai basil, chamomile and something else I can't remember right now... who cares if I don't have enough space to plant? 
I learned a few things about drip irrigation, passive solar greenhouses, making potting mix and how to use cover crops on garden scale. I also learned that I already know quite a bit! And that I am more hard core on sustainability than most... For instance... comes out that some people use drip tape - made of plastic, and use it only one season, after which they either throw it out, or find other uses for it, since drip tapes require an acid rinse and thorough cleaning before storing... now, does using less water with these drip tapes justify all that goes into making the plastic for the tapes in the first place if you end up NOT reusing them????
Still - Organic Growers School is a great thing. I strongly recommend checking out their website - most of this years lectures should appear on their "resources" section within next couple of weeks. Currently they still have last years lectures up - some in "word" document and some in other formats. You can always learn more!

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