Thursday, May 7, 2009

First week of CSA

Yesterday was our first veggie day of STARworks Garden CSA. 
There was a LOT to give out - lettuce, mizuna, collards, bak choi, some spinach,  arugula and cilantro. The first batch of radishes was already too big last week... carrots are still too small...
and lettuce is on it's last leg. 
I have learned something this year - we could have started our distribution about 2-3 weeks earlier with young lettuce, considering when I started the seeds. Growing vegetables is not rocket science, but it does take a few years of building up the experience. I have grown vegetables for my family for quite some years now, and I grew up on a farm... but growing food for other people is a little bit different. Planning the dates for starting seeds to transplanting to harvesting has to be a little more accurate. When I grow for myself I don't really care if I'm a few weeks early or late, and I can pick whenever I fancy, instead of set deadlines - so there is considerably less stress involved. 
Anyway, aside from being stressed about overgrown lettuce and my lack of planning experience
the garden looks great, stuff is growing, I'm planting peppers, tomatoes and basil in every space that becomes available from leafy greens... there is Swiss Chard ready to be picked at next week, yellow wax beans are starting to bloom, peas are forming a few pods...
All is good!

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