Thursday, May 14, 2009

What's up in the garden.

Lots of weeds first of all!!! I spent a few hours going over the garden with a weed eater. Got most of the mess, but The eater ran out of string and I was overheated, so I gave up for today. I saw at least 3 toads while weedeating, so that's cool! 
CSA has gotten off to a good start I would say. The time of the greens is almost over, so we may hit a low point in a week... unless Chard carries us over. I have some red russian kale growing at home too, which looks pretty healthy. We'll see. 
I've planted most of the tomato, pepper and basil plants. Lots of Marygolds, some sweet alyssum, some squashes, parsley, cilantro... radishes... Radicchio looks good - it's been cool enough this spring, and we may tease a few carrots out of this weather too! Andreas insisted in planting carrots, and I'm not gonna stand in the way of a kid wanting to plant anything!
Still waiting to fill the Wonky Doo #2. I have a plan to plant eggplants under a row cover in that bed, along with more basil and second batch of cucumbers or something... We have lots of flea beetles in the garden. They have even sneaked in to the greenhouse, so I'm hoping that by using the row cover the plants will get chance to get established better before the beetles feast on them. I found a few jalapeno peppers on the 3 plants we have in the garden... the pepper and tomato time! Can't wait!
I also started potting some herbs for our planter fundraiser which is coming up June 6'th. There's this tiny basil that grows into a neat, pretty round bush called "Pistou" that I started this spring... Perfect for a pot.
I hope you will find the "Vegetable of the Week" to be an informative new addition to our blog. I'm still working out the format... It may end up in the right side bar, along with other info on this blog, although I don't think there is a way to archive entries in the Gadget Text block.?
 Also, I may not get to post a NEW vegetable EVERY week, but most weeks... I hope...
Adam and I are going to check out the Tour D'Coop this weekend in Raleigh also - there'll be plenty to relate! And we really need inspiration to build the coop for our girls at home - they are getting too big!


Tim Ayers said...

Hey, the Tour d'Coop link is from last year. This year it is a different site:

I also put a lot of info and pics up on New Raleigh:

Looking forward to seeing yall again this weekend (coop #7) and to the forthcoming vegetable of the week feature.

kriips said...

oops. i realized that this was last years stuff about an hour before the tour... it was good to see you guys - the place looks awesome!