Friday, May 1, 2009

Wonky Doo # 2 and other stories

This Sunday Adam, the kids and I came to work - as the week days are not usually enough to get everything done... Adam graded the ground with Bobby (Bobcat). We think this site used to be a dump at some point - we're always unearthing  various pieces of metal, glass, bricks and whatnot. There also seems to be a layer of concrete poured on top , under a thin layer of gravel and dirt... when we grade the concrete breaks into chunks. I am using all those chunks to edge
flower beds...  
So anyway. Back to sunday. We built Wonky Doo # 2 right next to the original Wonky Doo. The grading work for our front yard walking trail will start next week, and we will use any topsoil from that project to dump it in the new bed, mix it with composted cow manure - and it will be ready to go!!! I have plenty of tomato, eggplant and pepper plants that are practically jumping out of their pots to get out of the greenhouse and into some open air.

This morning I built a lasagna bed on the north end of Wonky Doo # 2 to mach the one on the end of Wonky Doo # 1. I planted some Hollihocks, German Chamomile, Bee Balm in there.
I'm sort of experimenting with this lasagna method - using whatever we have available. I start with a layer of cardboard which is an abundant waste product in our building. I use it mainly to block the weeds. Today I laid a thick layer of spoiled hay on top of the cardboard and topped the lasagna off with about 4 -5 inches of composted cow manure. Eventually the hay will compost and add plenty of organic matter to the bed.
These pansies are in the flowerbed at the end of Wonky Doo #1. I gathered the seed from my grandmothers garden in Estonia few years ago and started the seeds in a flat last fall, not sure if anything would come up - as I am bad about freezing the seeds... about 8 plants made it through winter, and now they will be an abundant source of seed for next year! They are especially vigorous plants, in deep shade of purple - and fragrant.
So here is a little sampler of what you can expect in your next weeks share! I may flood you with lettuce...  I still have a lot of learning to do about planning ahead... 

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